Taleh Nasibov: "We want to maintain our title in the European Championship" – INTERVIEW - VIDEO

27 May 2024 16:46
Taleh Nasibov: "We want to maintain our title in the European Championship" – INTERVIEW - VIDEO

The vice-president of the Azerbaijan Minifootball Federation answered journalists' questions at the open practice of the national team.

Idman.biz reports that the official of the institution announced the goal of the team in the European Championship and talked about future plans.

- How do you evaluate the preparations for the European Championship?

- Our national team had a good training camp in Montenegro and won the mini-tournament. We want to protect the title we won in 2022. It will be difficult, but we will do our best. We have provided the national team with everything. We are heading to the European Championship in Sarajevo as leaders. Other teams look at Azerbaijan differently. They analyzed us better. All football players played in AML. The games of the league were also broadcasted live on our channel. This means that other participants have the opportunity to analyze us well. We are in the same group as Belgium, France and Italy. We hope to top the group and come back with the trophy.

- When is the construction of the national training base and stadium planned?

- All this requires funds. There is a plan, the project is being worked on. Information about this will be provided in the near future.

- If you become the European champion, can this work be accelerated?

- The championship will have a big impact on this.

- But if you win a silver or bronze medal in the competition, will this be considered a success or not?

- Every athlete should think about a gold medal when going to an international competition. There is a sport where all 3 places are success. I think the championship is a great achievement. Other places are not encouraging. We deserve better. All players understand the responsibility and think only about the 1st place. I hope we can do it.

- What are you thinking of doing for the development of mini-football in the regions?

- As the President of the Federation Orkhan Mammadov emphasized, we are working on increasing the number of clubs in the regions. We want to form teams by age groups. The U23 world and European championships will be held next year. We will start preparing a team there.

Emin Aga