“I've always wanted to see myself bald"

3 April 2024 12:38
“I've always wanted to see myself bald"

Pedri talked about his recovery, plans, and desires

Barcelona midfielder Pedri shared his vision of himself in 10 years.

Idman.biz reports according to Diariosports that Pedri plans to continue playing football at his 31.

- How do I see myself in 10 years?

- At 31, still be playing football, and maybe I'll be bald. I've always wanted to see myself bald, I don't know why.

After being asked about his recovery journey, he said: “There is no specific date for my return yet, but everything is going very well at the moment. I hope to be back very soon. Psychologically, I'm doing well. The recovery is going very well, and I'm just thinking about coming back and enjoying”

It should be noted that the midfielder has played 24 matches, scored 2 goals and provided 4 assists in the current season.