Tottenham player returns from dead - VİDEO

28 March 2024 15:27
Tottenham player returns from dead - VİDEO

Tottenham Brazilian forward Richarlison said he wanted to commit suicide. reports that the football player made this confession in an interview with ESPN.

This was caused by the unsuccessful performance of the Brazilian national team at the WC-2022. The defeat of the Spanish club by Croatia in the quarterfinal caused depression in Richarlison.

The striker said that he was brought out of this situation by a psychologist: "I'd just played in a World Cup, man, at my peak. I was reaching my limit, you know? I don't know, I'm not going to talk about killing myself, but I was in a depression there, and I wanted to give up. Even I, who seemed to be mentally strong. After the World Cup it seemed like it all fell apart. I think the therapist, like it or not, saved me, saved my life. I only thought rubbish ... Even on Google, I only searched for rubbish, I only wanted to see rubbish about death.

"Today I can say, look for a psychologist, if you need a psychologist, look for one because it's nice for you to open up like that, for you to be talking to the person. Today a [psychologist] came to thank me for taking this to the world of football, to the world, outside the pitch too, because it is very important and, whether we like it or not, it saves lives.

"I had this prejudice before, I thought it was nonsense, I thought I was crazy. In my family, there are people who think that anyone who goes to a psychologist thinks they are crazy, they think they are insane. But I discovered this and thought it was wonderful. The best thing, really the best discovery I've ever had in my life."

It should be noted that the winner of the WC-2022 was the national team of Argentina.