Vagif Sadigov: "Estonians regard this match as 3 points, like us"

13 October 2023 13:33
Vagif Sadigov: "Estonians regard this match as 3 points, like us"

"Of course we want victory. We have great hopes that we will win."

AFFA vice president Vagif Sadigov told

Assessing the Estonia-Azerbaijan match that will be held today within the framework of the qualifying round of EURO-2024, the functionary said that he believes that our national team will win. According to an experienced specialist, the failure of the last games of both teams will affect the progress of this match: "If we look at the statistics, we have already won once against Estonia. This match is also a very important game from the point of view of the tournament table. We could not beat our opponent in Baku. This time, we hope to win more. Estonia also lost in the last games. Both teams have the same points in the tournament table. They also expect victory from this game. Estonians, like us, look at this match with 3 points. For this reason, it will be an intense game. Both sides will not want to lose and both sides are determined to win."

Sadigov also emphasized that he expects a good team performance from our national team: "I expect a good performance." I didn't want to mention individual names. I believe that we will play as a team and get a good result in the trip to Estonia."

It should be noted that the Estonia-Azerbaijan game will start at 20:00 Baku time.

Emin Aga