Records that Ronaldo could and could not broke

23 June 2024 13:47
Records that Ronaldo could and could not broke

Cristiano Ronaldo, the "King of Records" of world football, wrote a new history in the EURO-2024 game against Türkiye. However, there are also records that he could have broken in that game but failed to do so, which he saved for the next games. reviewed the records that the Portuguese superstar could and could not broke in the last match.

In the game against Türkiye, his appearance in the very first minute caused several records. Ronaldo appeared in the starting lineup of the Portuguese team in the 19th consecutive game in the European Championships. With this, he surpassed the record set by the Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci, who played in 18 consecutive matches of his country's national team in the final stages of the Continental Championships.

Ronaldo, who appeared in the Continental Championships for the 27th time, captained his team for the 18th time, breaking the record in both cases.

In the 56th minute of the match, although he had the opportunity to renew a number of records in the field of goals, Ronaldo was not greedy and shared another record by passing to Bruno Fernandes who was in front of an empty net. Cristiano, who made the 8th assist in the European Championships, repeated the record of the Czech forward Karel Poborsky. Ronaldo also became the oldest assistant in the history of the competition.

At the end of the game, Cristiano broke two more records of his own. The football player, who played 2333 minutes in the European championships, finished his 14th game with a victory. This victory is also Ronaldo's 23rd at the World and European Championships, with Portugal needing two more wins to match the record of 25 held by Germans Bastian Schweinsteiger and Miroslav Klose.

Assisting Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano both scored his 131st goal in the national team and 15th in the European Championships, missed the chance to renew his own record, and saved it for the next games.

Vugar Mammadov