Third victory wish of "tricolors" - PRESENTATION

27 May 2024 17:51
Third victory wish of "tricolors" - PRESENTATION

This summer, the attention of all Europe will be focused on Germany. The 24 strongest national teams of the continent will compete in the 17th European Championship. There are 18 days left until the start of the competition, which will last from June 14 to July 14. continues the presentation of the participants of EURO-2024.

This week we will look at the teams of Group D. The French team, which is the favorite not only of the group, but also of the championship, is one of the main candidates to win the title.

Early qualification with winning streak
The holders of the first tickets to EURO-2024 were determined in the VII round of the qualifying stage. France was one of the three teams that won the earliest ticket to Germany. Having won 7 consecutive victories in the group where five teams competed, Didier Deschamps and his team secured not only the ticket to the final stage, but also the 1st place. France, which defeated its main rival the Netherlands (4:0, 2:1), maintained its invincibility even though it gave points to Greece in the last round of a formal nature (2:2). The team, which scored 29 goals and conceded only 3 balls, showed its strength in both attack and defense. Kilian Mbappe, who scored 9 goals, will be a real nightmare for opponents in Germany.

In the dream of the 3rd victory
The fact that France played in the finals of the last two world championships shows the greatness of the team. The team of Deschamps, who won the WC-2018 and lost the gold of the WC-2022 in the penalty shootout, is determined to succeed in Europe. It is true that Mbappe and his friends won the Nations League in 2021. But those tournaments are not comparable to the European Championship. On the continent, France plays in the final every 16 years. The champion of 1984 and 2000 lost in the final in 2016. The "tricolors", who will play in the final stage for the 11th time, are dreaming of the third championship. The team that lost to Switzerland in the 1/8 finals 3 years ago is determined to please its fans this time.

Group games of the French national team:
June 17. Austria - France
June 21. Netherlands - France
June 25. France - Poland

It should be noted that group D meetings will be held in 5 different cities - Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Berlin and Dortmund.

Vugar Kheyrullayev