Tahir Bakhshiyev: "Changing the limit will be a blow to the national team" – VIDEO

21 May 2024 15:52
Tahir Bakhshiyev: "Changing the limit will be a blow to the national team" – VIDEO

"The 3+2 system is good for the team to have more players on the field. In the last 2 years, this shows that they are moving forward."

This was said by Tahir Bakhshiyev, the head coach of the Azerbaijan national team and NTD-INDIGO, who was a guest of Idman Bizde.

The young specialist believes that the 3+2 system in the Azerbaijan Basketball League is successful. He said that this boosted the development of local players: "In 80 percent of the last season, foreigners scored points. Now this number is 40 out of 60. Considering that 3 foreigners play in the teams, this is very good. The more points local basketball players score, it shows their development. When Sabah lost in the first game of the final series, the absence of Ender Poladkhanli and Alikamran Mammadov was visible. At that time, they said that if there was a stronger legionnaire, we would be able to win, but today they don't think so. They say that if the Azerbaijani is in his place and shows his potential, then the team will be able to win. Ender showed Alikamran's return in the return meeting that yes, it is so. Azerbaijanis are moving forward and this limit should remain so that local basketball players can play more and develop."

According to Bakhshiyev, the change of the limit will be a blow to the national team: "From the point of view of the national team, I would not want the limit to change. If there is "4+1", local people will change each other, but what will be the fate of other young people? If the number of teams is increased, or if the I League becomes stronger, such an idea may occur. Currently, the 3+2 system is the best."

It should be noted that NTD-INDIGO, coached by Tahir Bakhshiyev, finished the season with a bronze medal in the ABL.