The door opened by the goalkeeper or we can reach 5 in the Ekstraklasa - ANALYSIS

18 January 2024 16:23
The door opened by the goalkeeper or we can reach 5 in the Ekstraklasa - ANALYSIS

Rahil Mammadov, Qarabag and the Azerbaijan national team player, is almost an international.

The Polish club LKS is interested in bringing the central defender into the team, according to

Should the Lodz representative, who is now trying to remain in the Ekstraklasa, succeed in making the adjustment, the 28-year-old football player will become the fifth Azerbaijani representative to compete in this league. Four players from our nation have participated in the Ekstraklasa thus far.

The door opened by Majidov

It was Ruslan Majidov who made the Polish Championship possible. The old national team goalkeeper, Anji in Russian, became Vidzev. Majidov's team qualified for the Ekstraklasa by playing well in the first league before leaving for Poland in 2006. Ruslan participated in nine matches across all tournaments during the year and a half, all while defending the title of Lodz representative in both the lower and higher divisions. The goalie's career was unsuccessful; he eventually went to Neftchi. Majidov, who played for multiple clubs in our nation, retired at the age of thirty.

Cup in Poland

In 2007, after MKT Araz lost to Polish Grodzisk in the UEFA Cup, its player Sascha Yunisoglu was transferred to this club. The defender of our national team played for a year and a half in the club, which later transferred its player to Poland. Sasha, who played only 8 matches in the Ekstraklasa, won the League Cup with his club. In January 2009, the player, whose Polish career ended, moved to Baku.

The most successful and scandalous

The most famous Polish club that transferred Azerbaijani football player was Legia Warszawa. The representative of Warsaw has joined Mahir Emreli, the leading member of our national team and Qarabag. The transfer in the summer of 2021 was initially successful. The forward, who wore a uniform in this team for six months, scored 11 goals in 33 matches. Mahir, who was not distinguished by his serious success in the championship, demonstrated his scoring qualities with 7 goals in the European Cups. But Mahir was also our most scandalous player in Poland. Emreli, who got into a conflict with the fans six months after his transfer and decided not to stay in the team after that, moved to Dinamo Zagreb after some time.

From Poland to Asia
is our representative Anton Kryvotsyuk, whose Polish career is relatively stable. The defender of our national team was transferred from Neftchi to Wisla Plock in the summer of 2021. The defender, who scored 3 goals in 25 matches in the championship, became one of the main team members. Anton, who spent a year and a half in Poland, went to South Korea from there.

It should be noted that LKS plans to carry out Rahil's transition before the meeting, which will begin on January 20.

Vugar Kheyrullayev